Keep Healthcare Local

The Wimberley community is fortunate to be the home of experienced healthcare professionals. As a community, our lives are better because we have access to local healthcare providers. Residents need only travel just blocks from home to receive basic health services and much, much more. Hard-working, dedicated people — physicians, nurses, therapists, technicians, and support personnel — are working to make Wimberley a competitive health-care community. But, in order for your local healthcare providers to thrive, community support is needed. Competition from other area health-care providers is threatening the foundation of our local providers.

Last year was not a good year for many businesses — including healthcare. Many small communities saw their local providers closing their doors and moving to more populated areas. In such cases, residents and families are faced with no other option than to travel long distances for healthcare needs that could have been met at the local level. Or, they are placed in a position of choosing home health providers that must travel long distances to reach the homes of rural residents.

I encourage residents to select quality healthcare that is offered in Wimberley and can be provided at the local level. Home healthcare providers and caregivers live locally and can be at your doorstep in just minutes. Rehabilitation or long term care services are right here in this community leaving you within close proximity of the support you will want to receive from family and friends.

So, residents of this fine community, support your medical treasures. Protect your local health services by CHOOSING local. As you have the right to choose your physician, you also have the right to choose your home health agency, skilled nursing facility, hospital, outpatient facility, etc. Take a stand and make your wishes known to your physician, family and caregivers.

Excellent healthcare is built on the trust of locally delivered care in the communities where we live. In cases where more advanced or specialized treatment is necessary, our local EMS is promptly at your door to transport you.

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